Giant insect fear films r us

Okay, it’s an arachnid, but what-e-ver.  Gotta love that sense of humour!

I made bacon and egg and salad wraps on home made naan bread for breakfast this morning. I was kinda mean, I told Jeff I’d take him for breakfast and then cooked it instead, but he’s a trouper and ate without comment…  I really really love home made naan. It’s comfort food.

I have no idea why, but my digestion instantly improved three days ago and I am very much enjoying it.  Further to my sudden improvement I purchased a book called Gutbliss by an American women gastroenterologist, in which she talks about all the things that can go wrong with a modern female gut and how you can put it right.  Her opening comments about how gastroenterology has lost the plot and turned into ‘the endoscopy biz’ were very revealing, and she also said she’s learned about the gut not just in school and from her patients, but from a large selection of non traditional healers.  She still plumps for the “I want to see the evidence” but her three rules of dealing with gut issues are:

Talk to the patient, take time with the patient

Most people aren’t crazy even if their symptoms don’t make sense.  (!!!)

Think outside the box.

I am enjoying her writing style, which is vigorous and plain-spoken.  Yes, she has a line of products.  But I don’t see her making extreme claims for them, which is always pleasant.

I am exercising my shoulder very hard every day.  I can now visualize a complete recovery.  I could not two weeks ago.  I think I am going to go back into the biscotti business.  This was a temporary setback, not the end of the world.  Both of the folks I showed the shop two recently haven’t called back.  It’s actually kind of freeing.  I will leave the ad up until a few weeks from now, and then get back into it.  Huge to do list….. that never stops. 

Somebody said on twitter this morning that offense is taken, not given, and I have to say that’s bullshit. It completely ignores the power differential that exists throughout the continuum of a life between you and the rest of the world.  Powerful people give offense all the time.  They just don’t call it that.

I slept a little with the new mask and the cpap machine last night, but at some point I ripped it off again.  I have some kind of dysphagia (as is almost always the case with me, not enough to come to the attention of a doctor) and what ends up happening is I can’t swallow my spit properly with the mask going.  I swallow, my ears pop like a mofo, the spit is still there, and I’m lying there feeling like I’m drowning in spit.  Also, my breathing mechanics change a lot with the cpap machine and I don’t feel like I’m breathing enough… nothing feels natural and I end up holding my breath… which feels very weird because the whole POINT of having a cpap is to get enough O².





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