2013, don’t let the door hit you

It wasn’t the worst year of my life because I have more emotional resources than I used to.  I think, after its long absence from my house, alcohol is going to make a reappearance.  I think beer – it’s been too long since I had some Lion Winter – and some Jim Beam, so I have something in the house for when Justified comes back next month.

I will be praying for the Canadian Olympic athletes and officials as they to and fro from Sochi.  There are going to be some damned big explosions in Russia in February, and the whole world will be watching.  They won’t happen in Sochi itself, likely, as the security will be a leaden and oppressive blanket.  But I pity the rail and airline passengers – it’s going to be a mess.  The suicide bombings are already well under way, and although it isn’t well known yet, there’s a lot of missing explosives in Russia, something like 2000 short tons.  It’s not C4, but it’s certainly enough to make hash of a lot of civilians.

Time for Lumosity and some shoulder exercises.  Sleep has been conspicuous by its absence.