My day so far

waking at 2 am and doing my Lumosity training for the day.

stooging around on the internet for a couple of hours, making myself a brie sandwich and some tea, going back to bed, passing out again

realizing I have to motor into the shop and show it to Bill and André.  I did.  I also cleaned a bunch of stuff while I was there

on the way out seeing two crows eating a dead rat in the lane way

repelled by this visual (I yelled “Back to work, boys!” on the way by) I solaced myself with 6 dollar jammies at Value Village, which isn’t going  to be there much longer anyway because of this

on the way back from VV I got cat litter, catnip in a Christmas bag (that was free) and more kitty treats for Margot, who liked both gifts a lot (she is mildly concerned about Eddie, who’s having his second overnight at the pet hospital – an infection probably and he’s dehydrated).

quit facebook, again, this time I hope permanently

was followed on twitter by a FN author, and when I went to look up his site Chrome told me it was laced with malware