cold and snow

Triple amputee zombie pranks Walmart shopper.

Santa Cthulhu.

Blasted through the last of season 1 Miss Fisher last night. I have a new crush. Nathan Page gets an expression on his face when he’s looking at Essie Davis which is extremely gratifying.  Also, as I poked around the internet for more details about him everything I read about him made me think he’s probably a pretty solid customer, with extremely nice legs.

It was midnight before I was in bed… I’m trying to reset my sleep habits; going to bed at 7 is awkward.

Still no repair on internet or furnace.  Re the internet, it’s working right now but will probably quit at some point later today, and as for the furnace, there’s no record that the ducts have been cleaned since Mulroney was Prime Minister (bleaugh).

Keith posted this GEM to facebook yesterday:  I have a long distance relationship with reality, but it’s terribly awkward when we meet face to face.  Given the scansion I think it’s a Keith original.