Filking today

Tom and Peggus are hosting, which is mahvellous, because you can’t actually turn around in the house upstairs right now.  I need to invite people over to encourage la mighty cleaning.

Showing the shop tomorrow.  We shall see.

I am playing around with Garageband. Got a tune in my head and instead of reaching for my phone, I sang it directly, crappy mike and all, into computer, and it’s adorable.  It needs a minimum of ten hours of brutal work before even a scratch copy is ready, but the sketch is there and the beats have a weight suitable for their height.

Started watching Farscape.  The opening shot made me laugh like a drain.  (Ben Browder, wearing a baby blue open Hawaiian shirt covered in stylized white octopi.  A-DORBZ, progeny!)

There’s a REASON the physio said “And if you don’t exercise every day you’ll get stiff and weak.”  Did my exercises today.  I suppose I am not in the right lineup for getting sympathy on the subject, so least said fastest mended, one supposes.