I love Marilyn’s services…

This morning we walked around the darkened sanctuary with candles, while Marylke played her recorder.  It was absolutely lovely, and the text was Gratitude as Light, so it worked out nicely.  The youth will be handing out socks and sandwiches at New Years on the DTES and that was what the collection was for.

Hazards of going deaf…. At coffee afterwards one of my cocongs was talking about how all of her senses awakened when she was listening to live classical music, so that she was almost overcome and I said, “If you pee your pants you’re on your own” which is actually a classic family history line (back to Amedeo Garden Court days).  Everybody else at the table thought I said, “If you Peter Pan, you’re on your own.”  This is what they repeated back to me.  About this time the woman realized what I had ACTUALLY said, and started to laugh, and everybody else told me what they THOUGHT I had said, at which point we were pretty much both reduced to spluttering incoherence. When we calmed down we explained the joke, at which point everybody ELSE laughed.

Dennis recited Invictus during the service.  Jean and I both memorized it when we were puppies so we recited along but silently, because only a fool would talk overtop of Dennis when he is in full spate and mess up that theatrical voice.  I love Dennis to bits, even though he has to get right up next to me to tell who I am these days. I interviewed him for an I’m Not Dead Yet ceremony a few years back.  He really is the most delightful old man; so full of joie de vivre and simple appreciation for people and art.  I couldn’t hope to be as cheerful as he.

The work continues.  I sure hope I sleep better tonight.  I’ve been dreaming, and having nightmares.  I just don’t DO nightmares so it’s always a horrible surprise. Jeff’s been dreaming like mad too.

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