The sickening feeling

It turns out that I did NOT move all my previously rendered-in-Songwriter songs over to google drive.  There are a whole bunch missing.  Part of me is really sad; another part is “Now I’ll do them properly” since there were a LOT of things I did not understand about music notation then which I do now.

CPAP wasn’t on for very long at all.  Eyes were not too dry this morning.  I am beginning to understand why many people lose weight when they go on the CPAP.

So I did some writing yesterday, but it was completely flabby, so I am going to prune my verbs and adverbs and see if I can’t do a stirring  -over the top folks! speech.

Whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes for brekky.

Once upon a time there was a woman whose oldest daughter lied and cheated and stole. They were estranged for a decade. The woman lost touch with her grandchild.

The oldest daughter started contacting her.  You can see this coming, and even so, you can’t look away.  She wanted a rapprochement.

No, not really.  She wanted her mother to move across six states, bankrupt herself paying off daughter’s utility bills, put her name on the apartment they all moved into, and then fend for herself when daughter abruptly moved out and married her current boyfriend.  No word of thanks, no invite to the wedding.  Not even a goodbye.  All the woman’s friends said it would happen.  She cheerfully acknowledged it. And she left behind three other grandchildren and her church home for this ninety and nine procedure.

So, under the fundraising title “There’s no fool like the queen of the fools” she’s asking for 2000 bucks to go the fuck home, and although I’ve turned down every one of these appeals for months now I gave her twenty dollars.  And if you really know me, you’ll know why.