In too deep?

Last night I dreamed I was following a human-body style alien around asking it if we could at least have a wee peek at some technology to which the response is “You humans cannot understand it” to which my response was “No, we’d be making improvements once we knew how it worked.” Alien stomped off. I should probably lighten up on the Stargate franchise rewatch.

Off to the doctor to deal with the shooting pains in my groin. **** me, if somebody had told me you can get arthritis or sports injuries in the joint of your pubic bone I would have said YUK but I really wouldn’t have expected to get it.  Now I’m thinking that when I skidded and fell in the shop almost two years ago, that’s when the initial injury happened.  I’m remembering how much the walk to and from work – the last time I worked – was killing me. Oh well it’s for the doc to say.  It doesn’t hurt all the time but when it does, I stop in my tracks like a lightstruck deer and promptly start limping on both feet while whimpering.  I have to be really careful how far I walk with Paul now, and I’m DONE when I get back.  Also, I’m finding shopping, with it’s combo of slow walking and hauling and then driving a stick vehicle and getting in and out of a tiny car (which I love, but man), more and more difficult.

CPAP okay.  Probably about four hours. I do wake more rested.


No writing yesterday but I worked on songs.  Welp, only half an hour to make it to the appointment, BYE.