OMFGBWAHAHA.  NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  The noise this thing makes is a complete relief for grief and woe. TLDR: I wouldn’t want a device that sounds like a cross between a prop plane and a sewing machine anywhere near mah nethers.

I musta burnt 500 calories last night with the tossing and turning.  I wore the CPAP for 4 long and tedious hours and finally gave up, got up, peed, took another painkiller (I was in AGONY after the walk, and it hurt to roll over but I had to to get my back to hurt in different ways).  Got up at 9 and had to deal with the tedium of rumbly tummy after my sushi lunch yesterday. Crossing that restaurant off my list.

Katie and Alex are coming to record some songs, they should be here imminently.


The second worst thing about being a white liberal is that there are fewer and fewer people I can openly mock and pick on. The worst thing is knowing that there should not be ANYBODY in that category. If I really cared, I’d mend and not mock. I think that having hundreds of millions of people to hate, fear, mock, jeer and write bigoted laws for is part of the special appeal of social conservatism.