Walkita walkita

Walked 2.5 k today; went to the dentist office to pay Katie’s overdue bill from December (which I had already agreed to do, I finally got around to it) and then walked over to the imaging place to get film of my pubic symphysis, and then went to the bookstore and got really sad because I shouldn’t buy any books, and so I didn’t, But I Really Wanted Roxane Gay’s book goldurnit, and then crossed the street and had sushi for lunch, and then went to the library and picked up a couple of books.  I took the bus back and now I am, candidly, pretty crippled up.  Peggy said yesterday well if what you say is true it’ll hurt when I push here and WAAAAAAA HO! I yipped most doggedly and had to be scraped off the ceiling.

So yeah, it’s a problem.  Maybe something will show on the xray.

Theology Pub

…was wonderful.  Lots of different points of view.  Found out that there’s a conspiracy theorist not exactly libertarian coming to Beacon!  Ten guesses what his performative gender is, first nine don’t count.  He told me that Putin is the greatest statesman on the planet right now. I told him he was a fucking KGB bagman to start off with and one of the worst oligarchs the world has ever seen and he told me that that didn’t stop him from being a great leader.  All I could think of was Dr. Filk blowing a raspberry of window-rattling proportions, cause that shit will NOT fly.  As a chaser I watched one of Slavoj Zizek’s latest videos.  I did not laugh aloud because he makes you mad, happy, crazy, thoughtful and fucked up in rapid succession.  He is my favourite public philosopher of all time, even if he is a Marxist.

I bought beer last night.  First time in a while, but I had to have it, and it turns out it was super yummy.