Lovely day yesterday pre-mother’s daying.  Alex had a wonderful time in the beautiful kiddy park next to the as yet unopened petty zoo. The New Westminster parks officials have their heads screwed on straight. Given a choice between turning the water in the spray park on before May 24 weekend and turning it on when it was a blistering hot day, THEY TURNED IT ON. If we get freezing weather I’m sure they’ll turn it off again.

Feeling so unhappy about #YMMfire. The fact nobody died is a testament to the strength of character of the emergency workers and the survival instincts of the evacuees. One thousand square kilometres burned or burning. Eighty-five thousand evacuees. If we drop that patch over Vancouver, that means EVERYTHING FROM UBC TO BOUNDARY ROAD, FROM STANLEY PARK TO YVR is burned or burning. And if that was the case we’d have a million evacuees.

The chances are good more fires will start this weekend. The firefighters will have work all summer.

Anyway between our very lazy and affectionate day yesterday and simply not feeling like writing, I haven’t done much. I will finish it.