After we went for a walk at the Quay (I sent mOm a pic)

Paul  @ New West Quay May 2016
Paul @ New West Quay May 2016

and Paul fed me a lovely meal at Original’s, we came back to Geekhaus and got my bike tires pumped up and then Paul volunteered to cut the grass, which was just wonderful. I thought well I can’t stand around sighing so I got out the weed whacker and took care of all the lawn bits that the mower can’t reach. Phew.

And my bike is now rideable and I got rid of the fuzzy mold growing at the bottom of one of the panniers (I wiped them both down with vinegar and let them dry in the sun.)

Today’s card is the seven of cups… profusion of choices!

Mike will be dropping by after work.

Rewatching Dark Matter. Marc Bendavid doesn’t annoy me as much this time and I love errybody else.