Some thing done

Yesterday, I mended three pairs of pants on the sewing machine, thank god, but see below.

Fended off a potential thief who walked up to our house and TRIED THE DOORKNOB without knocking or ringing the bell and then he walked away pretending not to speak English. Drove a truck, didn’t see a helper. On the off chance he was a legitimate housepainter who got shitty instructions I didn’t call the cops.

Made a ‘bead curtain’ out of huge wide multicoloured (purple and green) ribbons $2.75 from the Value Village that isn’t there any more. And man of all the things that have disappeared in the last while, that’s the thing that hurts the most. Plus something like 2 bucks for dowel I had lying around, and it wouldn’t have taken me so FUCKING LONG if I’d had the tension set correctly from the get go (I redid all the threading from beginning to end but the instructions for the critter are pretty bad) and believe me it would have taken longer if I hadn’t gotten it mostly where it needed to be previously and put it away before I killed someone.

Asked and got Jeff to make a mount for it so now we can leave the back door open without attracting the hordes of flying insects. Yay. I couldn’t handle spending any money on an insect curtain when I knew I had the stuff lying around, also I think I told Jeff I’d make it like eight months ago at least. And the day to do it is a nice cool one like this so it’s actually ready when the sun comes out again, which it will with intent quite soon.

Transferred the rest of the cat food into the bin. Loaded the dishwasher. Made coffee. Took my vitamin D and probiotic. Flossed my teeth. Put on deodorant. Brushed my hair.

LEFT THE HOUSE. Went to London Drugs and bought a toaster the same day our old one died and man does the new one smell plasticky, hoo-ee!

also personal care items for us both plus parsnip chips, we’d never seen them before and we like the brand, so screw it, and carrot chips too.

Had a nice chicken burger for lunch. Put away all the garbage and bags from the shopping tirp. Watched telly. Had one beer and will likely have another with supper, which will likely (again) be rigatoni bolognese which will likely (again) blow through my colon without touching the walls, so once again I pray with atheistic fervour (“sod Kegels, I want a miracle!”) for the strength of my pelvic floor.