Laundry and housefilk

Got some laundry done. Some day it will all be put away.  In this case I had to put that load away because it was my bed sheets and duvet cover and I wanted to sleep.

Jeri Lynn and Jeff C were there, as well as Paul and Keith, so it was a small and intimate affair.

Paul IS SO ENJOYING his new eyeball.  Never met anybody quite so ebullient in his enthusiasms.

I did not in fact do any sewing yesterday as I promised mOm. All my effort was put into getting the damned machine set up properly, as apparently I hadn’t managed it.  Then I was so bummed out I put it away. Try again today.

Today Mike’s cooking me dinner. I have no idea what it will be except yummy. I’m going to be prepping something…. I defrosted some chuck.