much fold many laundry

So yesterday I interacted with the church sibling who’s going to be doing the covers for my books (I’ve picked the art, she’ll do the pixel-shifting.) Google did not send a bunch of my attachments. I have an annoy, but not with her, she’s awesome, and prompt, and all that good stuff.

Downstairs bedroom is now ready for guests again. I still have laundry to haul upstairs but it’s all folded. I’ve matched all my socks and pitched the same grim solo socks that keep turning up like Banquo’s ghast.

Did you know Consumer Reports only charges $30 per year? and $6.95 for a month’s access? Jeff if you want to put a sub for that on the household account, please feel free. We are in the market for a breadmaker. After the success with the toaster…

The new Krups toaster is excellent and I’m wondering why we didn’t replace that big white half useless busted failure of industrial design and cleanability earlier. The Krups even has a bun warmer on top and it has a stop button, which is along the lines of “This new science amazes me.” We spent an additional $20 above the base model and I’m liking our choice a lot. Plus it’s SHINY. And takes up less COUNTER SPACE. See how easy it is to make me happy? and it turns out that Consumer Reports (we did it backwards) really likes Krups toasters.

Today I’m going to research engines for space vehicles.