Apparently when you show Alex a picture of me that’s what he says.  I get a name, me happy.

I think the BLM:TO activists did the right thing, and I don’t give a shit, I said, and I repeat, I do not give a shit whether this puts the TPS in a rough position with respect to Pride TO or any other group.  The police have the legal monopoly on the use of force and they have done quite enough to abuse the honour this century so far.

According to Chanda Hsu Prescod-Weinstein:

I wish people were this upset about the stop and card programs. Or the databases of Black people that police are maintaining. Or Toronto police killing Black men. Or the fact that half of Black children in Montreal live in poverty. Or the fact that half of Black Toronto’s youth may not graduate high school. Or the fact that the Prime Minister talked during the election about “cultural problems” and “their music.”

Don’t take the side of the oppressor, it’s like trying to block the sun.

Off to do family oriented things later today which will not make it onto the blog, but all is well, and all will be well.