Pokemon Go

So I’m not getting it. It’s apparently gamifying government access to private records, and there’s quite enough of that shit going around right now without me adding to the pile.

It’s really weird seeing people congregate around an area for no other reason that imaginary beings are supposed to be there and you get points for communing with them. No… wait… that’s church.  Frak, I can’t keep track. It was weird seeing all those people milling around the World’s Biggest Tin Soldier. FOR POKEMON.

Really nice walk with Paul yesterday at the Quay.  Finally got a pulled pork sandwich from Reup BBQ after being driven insane by the smell. I make just as tasty at home (okay so not rilly authentic) so I’m thinking PORK ROAST, or just cheating and getting the Western Family packaged pull pork, which is perfectly acceptable nosh. Off to the butchers for same.  Maybe pork chomps for schnitzel. Why am I thinking about dinner at 4:50 in the morning???