Jarmo is coming to town

I missed him on the Island so I’m really really happy at the prospect of being able to see him tonight.

Mike and I went to Kamamarui Burnaby last night for ramen.  The Chashu ramen is out of this world, an incredibly silky pork broth with noodles and incredibly thin pork slices, broiled on one side and then slid into the broth.  They provided two tiny appetizers at no charge, one of which (Mike remarked) is a total rip off of the Chinese dish known as “grandmother’s tofu” so I guess it’s no surprise that I ate it with glee. There were also glutinous rice with seaweed balls, and I know that sounds disgusterpating but it was esculent.

This morning it’s a little rainy, not too much.  TO THE EDITING ROOM, JEEVES.