Not much to report; Keith and Paul were here yesterday to (among other things) drink beer and watch documentaries. Paul and I walked to the beer store, and this time I didn’t stiff him with any of the haulage duties. I wasn’t wearing shoes with orthotics, so different things are smarting today.

We are re-watching Burn Notice. I’m doing it with a view to establishing whether the Michael Westen character is possibly either a) asexual – for which I’ve found some evidence in behaviour and text or b) so traumatized by previous events with Fiona that he requires extraordinary circumstances to feel sexual with her at all, for which there is plenty of evidence and which is how the characters frame the situation, including Michael but excluding Fiona, who appears to be gapping that Michael has good reason to be wary.  But what if he’s using it as cover for being asexual? The way he goes la la la la la I can’t hear you when other grown men talk about their sex lives? That childlike smile, at ninety degrees to the heavy lidded smirk of a guy who’s getting hip-twitchy, the softening of his posture and the very slight backing away when Fiona’s getting frisky… Jeff says it’s self-control.  Of course, but in the service of which emotion? When he’s really trying to act like a guy fighting his feelings he gives her a little shove and looks down and away. The body language is quite stylized. The semiotics are eeentresting.

Page 71 in edits.  I am also rewriting at the paragraph level, but not too often thank heaven maybe once every ten pages or so, for clarity and connectedness.

There is karaoke a few kilometres from here tonight.  I’ll see how I feel.  Consciousness is a variable quantity these days, and it makes an appearance and vanishes at odd hours.