Day 4

Paul worked four days on four days off for so many years. Day four on nights was almost always busy; you’re super tired and you don’t want to have to fix the goddamn shitter pipes on the Scarebus, but you do anyway. Not similar here – it’s relatively slow tonight after a flurry of calls at midnight.

Off to Planet Bachelor to sing and play. Wrote a tune on the fly with Paul gamely trying to keep up on guitar. Lyrics – not yet.  We worked our way through a number of tunes, and on Clem’s Walk Paul came up with some exceeeeeedingly tasty and uptempo accompaniment, like air braided in filigree.  For about 8 bars there I thought we’d gone to heaven, it was so good.

John’s real close the last couple of days.  I know he’d want me to be fine.  I will be fine, just a little punched out from working and (ja figger?) possibly holiday blues. ALSO THERE IS FUCKING SNOW EVERYWHERE IN EAST BURNABY AND IT’S GONE EVERYWHERE ELSE.

I am loving The Crown but oh, it’s so very colonial.  Highly recommended but there are definitely bits to make a sensitive person cringe.

Scored another prezzie from Keith  – I now have a Jayne Cobb figurine which will join the rest of the figurines downstairs in the media room if I can figure out where. HE HAS HIS HAT. Given that I gave the Cobb hat my mother laboriously constructed for me away to Mary Crowell, (along with the magnificent Lundercape, which was made in part of dead gods and slaughtered Smurfs) I’m glad.

I left Otto there; I’ll be damned if I lose it or break it hauling it to and from work.

Almost time to nuke up my egg fried rice for dins.

See the difference between the old and the new headline.

I’m going to do a full bore take down of the above noted article when I’m conscious and caffeinated. So annoyed with this cowardly idiot.




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