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It felt good to be toasting Dame Dunnett yesterday.

It was a group of women who can afford to own condos in Vancouver, and so when various social issues came up you can imagine that I took the opportunity to be pretty sad and at one point crassly remarked that we might as well declare war on the poor.

The food was excellent. I brought a reasonably expensive (and tasty, I had a drop) red wine.

I committed to going back in January because I borrowed some books but I’m feeling kinda battered today.

I tried about five times to talk about the books I’ve written and what’s for sale and everyone talked over me and finally we listened to people who can afford to cruise the Med twice a year talk about ‘that hotel in Istanbul’. Yeah.

Also, think about how much happier (and Seen and Heard) I was eating with Ben the other day one on one than in a room full of smoothly polished middle aged women clacking about how bike lanes are a terrible waste of public money when the sidewalks are in such poor shape.

I ran an errand on the way home. I managed to get some exercise and do something for the household. It’s okay. I’m writing this morning.

Also, Jeff has some news but I’ll leave it for him.

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