who are all these people

No Mike this weekend, I don’t know whether he’s out of town or what. Normal rules apply… if I don’t hear from him once every two weeks I call him to ask him if he’s dead.

BUT I got the kidlets yesterday. We sat around Planet Bachelor with Alex as he slowly started to get sick. He goes to the bathroom by himself now and announced at 5:30 that he was off to bed. Katie lay down with him.

Keith fetched us Desi Turka food which was yummy and we watched a bunch of Paw Patrol (the theme song to which I loathed immediately, but the show itself isn’t bad) and some Moana and some Rock-a-Doodle and we talked about our favourite shows when we were little.

Alex had sparkly fingernails and toenails.

He complimented me on my red dress. Imagine wearing a red dress because you think your toddler grandson likes the colour and he says I LIKE YOUR RED DRESS GG

and you meeeeeeellllllllt

Katie gave me a lift home. It was a very cheerful little visit, and it was like we were four people all doing our separate thing in the same space, and that was really kinda cool. ALSO Hot Wheels.

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