this bus got wifi

I have seen my first ptarmigan. There are pairs of snow geese everywhere. I believe I’ve seen barnacle geese. Ravens are common you see them once in a while at the side of the road. I’ve seen arctic terns and a kind of duck that I think was a scaup of some description. I apparently won’t have to be too lucky to see an arctic fox, which I am looking forward to.

The roads farther away from R. are crappier, but to be candid large chunks of it wash out when the rivers on either side of it come up in the spring and with any sudden melts.

Many sheeps, mostly white but some black.


Posting from the road while watching mountains crosshatched with snow roll by under a lowering sky. Soon, fish soup and a hot tub in a traditional Icelandic village public swimming pool sauna.

I’m the oldest frickin’ person on the bus. (later – possibly not, but she’s tougher than I am) everyone else is under 40.. The tour leader is named Saga, which is a little feckin’ on the nose if’n y’ask me.

There are hardly any parapets or railings on the ring road, which makes the roads FEEL unsafe. Saga’s a good driver, and her Icelandic anecdotes have been quite amusing.

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