actually I wrote 4600 words yesterday

This one’s going off in a weird direction but I like it because so much in this life is predictable and this one isn’t.

Last night I helped Paul sit Alex by himself. The first part Alex and I had to be super quiet because his Poppa (Paul) was napping on the couch. I spend most of my time with Alex letting him be himself. Paul’s approach is somewhat different – it’s mostly reminding Alex how much bigger and stronger he is than Alex, which is in my view easy – showing a kid you’re kinder and more knowledgeable seems better.

He looked at my slide show of Iceland with intense interest and when I suggested I’d bring it with me again when I came back next Wednesday he thought this was a great idea. He especially liked the video of the fumaroles from the Valley of Stinky Pew Wow Sulfur Compounds Dude. Any video, actually. It was fun and interesting to make all my descriptions simple enough for him.

We then practiced memory with him reciting all the names of the Characters in Cars.

Then I found a very nice little piece of promo for Cars 2 which I played for him (shows off most of the named characters). He’d hold up the matching character and say the character’s name. (Some of the character names are quite funny, like the German Car being Max Schnell being a pun on Make Speed in German.)

Then we went to George Leaf Park and he was dragging his butt when we got back, as was I. I didn’t try to put him to bed, I left that for his mama.