2500 words

Ford got elected in Ontario and Anthony Bourdain, author of Kitchen Confidential and intimate TV friend of dozens of people I know, has perished of suicide.

It’s all that’s in my feed right now.

I don’t care about any of it.

Combination of being pissed off about something and writing so much completely drained my brain yesterday – I slept all day when I wasn’t writing or catching up on the Expanse. Literally slept for hours and hours and hours. I feel quite refreshed this morning – woke at 4 and bounced out of bed.

Working on fanfic today.  Everything sucks and I’m okay with that.

Most recently posted fanfic got to 500 hits and over 10% kudos faster than anything else I’ve ever put up.


In another couple of years, there will be a celebrity suicide twice a week and people will be freaking out, but let’s face it, the smartest and the most sensitive are not going to make it through the next Darwinian sieve, and the world’s a rapidly deliquescing shithole. Just my two cents, which I can’t put on social media because I don’t want to have to apologize to all the people on my feed that are being super sensitive about suicide now, which is, like, ALL OF THEM.

And yes, I’ve sent messages to the people I know who’ve expressed suicidal ideas. I hate this aspect of our modern world. Stay down, everyone, the firing line is live.