round up ramble

Finally finished my current longest posted fic, got a couple of comments. There are 22 people in the world who have user-subscribed me, which means they want to read every word I post as soon as it comes out.

I have no idea who these people are. I imagine I could find out but part of the charm of fanfic is the anonymity.

Progress will continue today on my ‘real’ work, in the form of editing SOTW.

Yesterday I learned that Keith is employed. Yes HE GOT A FULL TIME JOB cycling distance from home. It is amazing, it is wonderful. HE BUSTED ASS FOR THIS. He deserves it. I’m taking him to Atlas Steak House next week to celebrate. He started this morning. Gave two weeks’ notice at the fucking horrible job that made him buy a car for the commute and then dialled him back to two days a week…. or less. FUCK THOSE ASSHOLES. They want to take a professional and turn him into a part time wage slave and if he quits replace him with another young desperate person.

Alex really likes the shirt I sewed his Mater and Lightning McQueen buttons to.

We had a family walk last night, all five of us. Katie was bathing Alex when we left and HE PERSLODED and insisted getting out and getting dressed and chasing us down. Katie, who is not stupid, put our potential path in a mental map AND FOUND US around 2nd and 13th, which was amazing. We finished our walk together and hung out together and talked and then Paul drove me home around nine since it had started raining again.

Jeff’s efforts to get the downspout cleaned by the landlord a while back so I don’t have to listen to buckets of water cascade and splat on the concrete immediately adjacent to my room are declared a success. I slept 8 hours last night.

I see Dina tomorrow yay!

Alex doesn’t like how he looks. I’m wondering if it’s his father that’s doing this to him.

Have some tick talk.