I am seeing so much of him and speaking so little of it I guess

I don’t know

I feel like the imaginary-play and song and cuddle time (.24 seconds of cuddling) last night was like going off to a mythical grandma land where this hilarious, thoughtful, easily perturbed and easily distracted little boy is ALL YOURS. But all he can think about, (hands to his eyes, dramatically holding back tears) is his mama being late to get home. We averted a meltdown.

He’s still talking about a very sad event he witnessed a couple of weeks ago.

He likes what I’ve got of the insect song so far but he only asked me to sing it twice so it obvs needs work.

I have so much more to say but trying to see the world through his eyes is magic. He went up to five Desi kids (four teen girls and one early teens boy) and whinged his way onto the teeter totter, the little sod, before I could catch up to him. We played bumps for a while and then I hauled him off backward and made him yell thank you.

In the swings he said, with staring eyes and trembling lip, “My pants are going wrong.”

They were all twisted up. So was I, seconds later, from laughing so hard.