Spent the night at Planet Bachelor. Paul’s still in WA so I crashed on his bed. Paul’s pillows are a … like…  love letter to allergens, that’s my hot take, and his bed makes the pillow in the original Bedazzled feel like a dandelion puff. Woke up with sinuses like concrete, although that first cup of coffee blew through that nicely.

Anyway yesterday I had a burrito at Chronic Tacos and got some Cars (PIxar movie, 2005, highly recommended if you care about the internal state of Alex) buttons at the Fabricland down in New West, and sewed them on his Lightning McQueen t-shirt, which he loved, and wore to daycare today. Full props to Keith as being the only person at Planet Bachelor who knew where a needle and thread were. WE SHALL KILL THE GENDER BINARY SLOWLY AND WITH PRAXIS.

We spoil Alex with ludicrous heaps of spoilage, but he’s likely to be an only grandchild, so whatevs.

Confirmed Victoria dates with Katie. Alex is looking forward to it as well.

Oh god another project – I need to do a science song about true bugs and make a video for Alex.

True Bugs are animals

They’ve been around a while

They’ve got a lot of different looks

They’ve got a lot of style

Their bodies are divided

into three major parts

and thanks to evolution

they do not have hearts


They do not have hearts?


They’ve got circulation systems

but they do not have hearts


They have three major body parts

which isn’t very many

the head has eyes to see and a mouth to suck

and two wiggling antennae

Imagine how very different

breakfast would be today

If when you were finished eating

you tucked your mouth away!


Tuck my mouth away?


No I do not tuck my mouth away

Today or any other day

But that is how true bugs live

they tuck their mouths away.