So I’m of the opinion that you should punch Nazis while they’re little and weak, because once they’ve completely got the legal monopoly on the use of force sewn up with bad judges and no civil rights – like has already happened in the states, sorry, it’s happened – they become a lot harder to punch.

I had a brief and unpleasant contact on twitter. At one point, angered by my insistence that a boy teen in a MAGA hat deserves a slap if he’s going to be an asshole, my interlocutor asked me what I’d say to a black man in a MAGA hat.

Here’s my response.


Nothing. My remit is talking to stupid white people. (ED NOTE I’M VERY PROUD OF THAT RESPONSE)  You have pretty spelling, so maybe you aren’t a bot. (THIS IS ACTUALLY AN ISSUE ON TWITTER)  The man behind MAGA enables racism in the service of the wealthy and power-mad, and in so doing, mein freund, he does not stray far from the road to OÅ›wiÄ™cim.

drop that mike


ANYWAY a horde of racists promptly came in to my mentions and dropped shit on me, but they all cleared out my this morning.


Keith’s partay at the Bombay Bistro was very nice, and we hung out at Planet Bachelor for a while afterward.


this morning:

July 9 2018 sunrise Burnaby

thanks Jeff for telling me the sky was purty

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