family picnic at English Bay

Alex’s tweet yesterday had me drooling

Picnic spread: potato salad, momofuku eggs, balsamic tomato basil salad, corn chips, salsa, guacamole, veggies and dip, cured meats, cheeses, baguette, crackers, and a selection of fresh fruit. Now to carry it all to the beach!

So it was me, Darwin, Alex, Katie, Keith, Paul and Jeff.

We ate and talked and I noodled on Otto and Rowena.

Weather was fricking outstanding, hot and clear with a breeze, and Alex found us a nice shady tree to sit beneath.


Jeff and I are seriously thinking of making a little movie about our trip downtown because JESUS CHRIST EVERY MORON WITH A DRIVER’S LICENCE AND AN EXPENSIVE VEHICLE BLOCKED OUR WAY sometimes repeatedly.

There was a pole in front of the sign as we were driving home from the family picnic yesterday evening, so brO sounded it out as Cheese Evangelical Church instead of Chinese Evangelical Church and candidly we all know Cheese Evangelists.

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