Russian Doll

How much I enjoyed this show.  Looking forward to season two.

She looks so much like Sandy.

anywess Jeff her bf irl’s the guy who voices Kevin in Final Space, Fred Armisen

Soundtrack – perfect

Cat usage – perfect

Getting your hair cut by a homeless person – perfect

Groundhog day similarities – not that much, actually

Set dec – OMG


Costumes – WANT DO WANT Natashas big shouldered jackets

Work life balance – the only time you see her it work it is TO CORRECT THE FUCKUP THAT ONE OF HER MALE COWORKERS PUT INTO THE SOFTWARE TO FUCK HER UP and she corrects it in seconds

The close relationship with the Deli Guy РI HAVE HAD THIS RELATIONSHIP his name was Hossein but everybody in Etobicoke called him Jos̩ but me.

The time her time loop colleague says ‘You’re really smart’ and her expression as she says “Thanks for noticing”.


aaaand Natasha Lyonne is the actor I mention in chapter 45 of the online version of Midnite Moving Co


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