valentine for flies

Pardon me is this stool taken
is the oldest pick up line among flies
Madam were I to employ it
‘Twould be the prelude to heartbreak and lies
There are a dozen flies abuzz around us
I hope you can hear me over this din
I would not say is this stool taken
I’ve got no plans for takin’ you in

….. Sir you are so kind
Not feeding me that old line
Your approach is so much better
You decided to take it meta
Now if we can but see
compound eyes to compound eyes
We might just get real busy
And make some baby flies!

I love being at Mike’s. He was cooking dinner, cod and bok choi and quinoa, and I was writing the above noted song. It’s a two step, sounds very late 30’s.

The snow continued; Mike put a warming bulb under the syrop for the hummingbirds.

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