Tish and Terry are here today

SO HAPPY. They are coming to the housefilk tonight and it will be merry merry meeting, I am sure.

Paul sounded really upset about how clean his apartment is (it’s fine, not like there’s sources of illness anywhere, I mean that aren’t as mobile as a pre schooler in day care) and I even helped him clean it a little — the kitchen, but there was no damned way I was cleaning another Caspell bathroom, fuck that noise and see previously noted comments dating back 15 years.

Mike is coming too, but he has no car and is really hating it. (Car lease was up.)

John’s been dead ten years.  Somedays he feels very far away, and other days his laugh, and his warmth and his fierce intelligence seem so close.

I memorialized him by talking about restorative justice at Lunch Bunch.

Osteofit KICKED MY ASS yeah!

Nobody who reads this cares, but I think I’m gonna write a subcategory of destiel fic called wingfic. I just have to figure out mah angle.