Atheist cult!



Aaron Rabinowitz via PZ Myers


  1. The truth is complex and painful but intrinsically valuable, so help others learn it and help others suffer through it.
  2. Luck drives everything, so have as much empathy as you can for those who suffer and do wrong.
  3. Morality and value are still real, because experience is real and instills in us a variety of obligations that, when enacted, promote flourishing.
Atheist Cult Rules

Writing and errands and Alex

First, Alex, since that is of the most interest.

He is COVERED IN BANDAIDS. He’s managed to get owies on all kinds of places and so when we got in the pool yesterday (Canada Games) the one on his elbow started to hurt and he started to cry and then he SHUT DOWN. I watched him fall asleep. Clunk. Before that he was okay and having a good time.

According to Katie, who is blonde again, the pollen count in Vancouver two days ago was the highest since we started keeping track. This would correspond to me feeling unbelievably stupid – we went to the store and I was like a zombie, it was so bad Jeff commented. But tis my brain….

Wrote most of a chapter on Honey On The Moon over the last four days. Very happy about that. Count is 5577 currently.

Went for a walk with Paul at the Quay – sky very strange, much in the way of high cirrus and sunbows. They have been very common this spring; in my view the sky has changed.

It turns out Alzheimer’s is a prion disease after all.

Saw the doc, got my bloodwork. I included getting an MMR titre because I want to know if I’m actually immune to measles, things being the way they fucking well are and outbreaks happening all over the place including Vancouver. I’ll know soon how my liver enzymes are doing as well.

Took Paul to Brown’s for a mid afternoon meal.

Then home and then a very brief trip to the pool before Alex melted down.

I’m hoping to mostly dodge sitting like a lump on the internet today. I have plans! Osteofit and Lunch Bunch here I come.