Weighted blanket and other news

Well, my bed is even more attractive to me than it used to be! With the cover on (the kids bought me TWO spare covers to go with it) I am deliciously cool and yet weighed down into the bed. It’s really preventing the restless leg syndrome so I’m sleeeeeeeping.

I’ve had my coffee, it’s time to crack my knuckles and write.

Bud Light Canada put an ad in my twitter feed.  My response:

I ended up with two of the grapefruit raddlers in my fridge and they’re so disgusting that this tweet reminded me to go put them down the sink and recycle the cans, ’cause by Api, that’s all they’re good for. Keep the ads coming, twitter, I can do this all day.

Some shitheel gave grief to an ER nurse. My response: 

Just a reminder from an internet rando that ER nurses are among some of the best people on earth and that I hold you in the highest esteem, whatever that lousy slur of a fart off of a dumpster fire said.

Dreamhost is being dick-adjacent so I’m transferring my hosting.