sometimes I get weird notions

I decided to come up with a bunch of insults and threats around the word ‘taint.’ I know, I’m deranged.


Kick him in the taint with a Mexican boot!

Kick his taint into his gargle zone! (I pictured a whole animated ten seconds to go with this which was very funny, trust me)

Strain his taint through his teeth with a good swift kick!

Torque his taint to 1500 ft lbs!

May centipedes roam freely on his taint!

I shall freeze-dry his taint and use it for tea!

Cut his taint in two and make curtains for his asshole!

May frost dancers carve his taint with their toe-rakes!

Throw his taint to the feral cats / raccoons / coyotes / crows / ravens / eagles / vultures.

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