laughing a little

There’s a video of a chicken jumping for some low hanging apples and her legs splay out like a cartoon and her fluffy butt flies up in the air and it’s most convulsing. I want to provide a link but my mother already knows what jumping chickens look like.

Yesterday I gave blood (they no longer take blood pressure YAY IT MEANS I won’t get refused again) and my blood pressure was normal for the rest of the day. la la! although my pulse was supa fast.

Today I’m going to rest, hydrate, breathe and bathe, along with launder, wash dishes and sort through my fonts. I know this sounds like complete bullshit but they maketh Word to runne like a constipated snail so I’m ditching all the dodgy fonts and using it as an excuse to make the font folder names eckshully mean something useful, like Uncial, Graffiti, Holiday, Fandom, SCHOOLDAZE, Precious Titling, Victoriana, Clunky Titling, Unreadable Titling because I’m Antisocial, Dings, 50’s Diner, Stencil and If You Can Think of A Good Case for this Font Have At Her, which I am doing by putting all the fonts together in one document, which works fine in Scrivener, ba dum kish, although, anyway, I won’t get into that. All this to say it is a project, it is as much fun as it is meaningful, and you can take that as you like, and when this is all over, all the nasty Word-barfy fonts will be gone and I’ll have a proper font book and be able to make intelligent design decisions much faster.

Continuing to work on dictation. It’s very weird, the mental gymnastics that are involved. I would speak of it on line but Wittgenstein’s poking me hard .

I’m going to make a sound booth. OMG I just checked out a $23 Canadian soundbooth on Youtube. Isn’t the internet wonderful?