fleeble fleeble fleeble

Shopping this morning. I completely spaced when the place opens so we stooged about in the car for 15 minutes. I don’t have anything planned but I imagine Jeff would have preferred to be elsewhere.

My multiyear experiment in reducing my racist, sexist and thoughtless atheist remarks is not concluded, but declared a qualified success subject to frequent continuing ed, as will be evidenced by these pages, or so I wish to believe. It appears now that the real challenge is – despite my own rapid descent into debility – getting rid of ableist thinking and speech. Part of it is that English is full as an egg with ableist turns of phrase. The more I’m looking, and allowing myself to feel it, the more oppressive it is. I would like to be out from under it.

A town I wrote about as a residence for a character in a fanfic is on fire. Yup, Thousand Oaks, a suburb of LA 40 miles from downtown, is on fire. It is home to over a hundred thousand people.

Hollywood North may swell with the outflow. So many productions will be moving it will be kinda rude. Of course, then Netflix, staggering under MORE THAN 10 BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT (I mean, think about it folks, some witless mofo in a 6 thousand dollar suit okayed a company that depends on electricity and someone else’s internet to even be possible to carry 10 billion with a b dollars of debt on what’s essentially a climate change bubble) will expire in the arms of Disney and after their efficient bean counters and diligent lawyers scythe through their to-film list there will be a little bit of shaking going on. So maybe Vancouver will benefit, but only for a bit. And filming got screwed up here a couple of summers back, the summer the sky was broken. Actually, it’s like 16 billion.

I mean. I’m pissed off, because I like Netflix, and I want Cheezies, and I can never eat them.again. Fortunately Jeff threw chocolate croissants in the cart so I’m okay for that.

No progress on HOTM. Much mental progress on other things, though – I’m working my way through to a conclusion to the latest chapter.

In the future, if our grandchildren read our blogs or anything, they’ll say DID THEY EVER FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT FOOD

Sísele (pronounced SEESS e le) is the Halq’eméylem word for grandmother. The word for great grandparent is a compendium of consonants no English speaker could approach without months of practice. Heavy sigh. At least I can say I live in Burnaby – land between Stolo and Slaywat.