Mike has returned

He’ll only be here for a brief while and then back again. He feasted us in the (unpleasantly noisy) Twisted Taphouse. I had Cajun Salmon Salad which was very tasty and two beers and I possibly would have ordered differently if I’d known I wasn’t paying for it. I shouldn’t have had beers, but I feel fine today.

Today is clearish and cold – there’s been frost.

Supernatural’s back for its truncated last season. I quite like what they’ve done to Jack, especially since I know it isn’t Jack in there; it’s either God, doing a ride-along, or Michael. “I’m not a cross roads demon”. Also, it’s obvious he can see even though he doesn’t have eyes. burr

Never mind that.

This is new choon

The moon, oh, the moon is way up in the sky x 3

And I made plans to go there, in days long gone by x 2

The sun, oh the sun is way up in the sky x 3

And I don’t want to go there, or my ass will fry

and you don’t want to go there, or you’ll surely die