Robert Burnaby Park

Grackle Productions is shooting a GI Joe Movieâ„¢ in Robert Burnaby Park, so they’re blowing FX fog all through the park.

Paul and I came back, I fed him rice pudding and beef/cabbage stir fry and now he’s helping himself to Jeff’s dark hazelnut chocolate, the piglet.


Note later – Henry Golding is going to be in this movie~~~ and it’s going to be called Snake Eyes.

Post whatever blahs

As an anarchist I should not have voted at all, but I recently saw an anarchist rationale for voting that I quite liked so I feel less guilty. Anyway, we (as in Jeff and I) got the least worst most likely outcome, a minority government. I never thought Scheer would get in as PM, and his po-faced bungling on the eve of the election was ordered up from the League of ‘Who’s Writing this Slop?’.

Chris Selley at the National Post has a summation with a few good laughs in it. Although (as usual) the basic assumptions behind a lot of what he says are questionable and (as usual) the immense ethical, cultural, legal, humanitarian and interpersonal issues around Indigenous nationhood don’t even get a mention as being something that wasn’t mentioned much during the campaign.


The more I see of the almost complete failure of Indigenous sovereignty to penetrate any part of the media except in walled gardens like APTN, the CBC and Twitter the harder it is not to feel like I’m living in this weird world where what I see and what is happening are completely decoupled and I’m going to be drowned under a tide of slow moving irrationality.

Since that link will die, here’s excerpts from the above noted article.

Chris Selley

October 22, 2019

4:26 AM EDT

REGINA – This will come as little comfort to the hundreds of Conservatives who came out here on Monday night expecting a “strong Conservative majority government” – (…) But folks, let’s face it: Even a Conservative minority was a longshot.



The worst that can be said of Scheer’s performance on the campaign trail is that he utterly failed to assuage concerns over how and why his views on same-sex marriage evolved from the Catholic sermon he delivered in the House of Commons 15 years ago to defending marriage rights today.

(- allegra’s opinion – I have rarely read such disingenuous horsepuckey, but like Fermat I’m merely going to threaten you with my proof)


So what now? It’s not like Conservatives should feel buyer’s remorse.

—- oh my god what a fucking stupid thing to say.

There is no reason to think human charisma vacuum Maxime Bernier would have done any better. The guy should have to register with Health Canada as a sleep aid. (..). Most Canadian media today treat anything less than per-capita government spending increases at or above inflation as fiscal violence, and the idea of free-market dairy as an invitation for Yankees to pollute our precious bodily fluids.

But Trudeau is so reviled within the Conservative party that failing to vanquish him will be held very much against Scheer.


If Scheer’s future is in doubt, ideally it would be for the random dreck that passed for his platform.  (…)

as if a shitty platform ever caused a Canadian voter to pause on their trudge to the polls

Canadians just aren’t quite as vindictive as the Conservatives needed them to be. —-

Oh they’re vindictive enough I assure you

But that’s not what people will blame Scheer for. (There’s no one waiting in the wings – certainly not MacKay – who offers much comfort to ideological conservatives.) They’ll blame him for not winning. (…) Canada could have done a lot worse than Monday night’s result.

agreed, although I took a different route to get there