Mike was here

Day before yesterday Mike came over for supper (pizza) and to watch TV (second season Jack Ryan) and it was good. Yesterday was a quiet day, apart from a trip for donuts first thing in the morning.

I’m GONNA SEE JARMO tonight, Mike and I are getting together with him and we’re a-gonna sauna!!!! The Mobiba is set up again in Mike’s apartment!!!! Not exactly as shown. (he hooks it into the 208, if anyone cares).

I am so looking forward to seeing him, he’s one of the people I miss most from my old work.

Just in case I hadn’t mentioned it I AM LOVING THE MANDALORIAN. It is what it is, uncomplicated and fun. However, Disney trying to get all the gifs of Baby Yoda off the internet BWA YA YA YA HA HA HA OUTTA BREATH HERE

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