not a good day and it’s only just gone 7

(Clarification… my day got better, managed to come back from being a newt)

Yesterday wasn’t great but I got some stuff done, and today just feels like it’s started off on the wrong foot. Also the night before I got confused about whether I’d taken my bp meds or not. I think I probably did but worrying about it didn’t help.

I want to go to the library. That’s what set me off crying this morning. I want to go to the library and I can’t. I should probably be crying about not being able to hug Alex, or really anybody, but I’m pretty numb from being touch starved. I’m really happy that at least my kids are living with people who can hug them if they ask for it.

I am going to have some coffee and try to connect with people today…. I don’t feel lonely, but I do feel kind of shaky and needy.

healthcare workers in Harrisburg PA – CAN’T FIND CREDIT NOTICE




AAAAAND we left the house and got social distancing timmy ho’s and I had coffee and cream here already so we saved the money and we’re about to go blow our brains on ep 4 of the new Bosch season WHICH AS ALWAYS is fantastic. I ADORE TITUS WELLIVER, to me as Bosch he embodies much that is admirable in a contemporary man. (Great episode, AND I CALLED IT FIRST JEFFnose what I’m talm’bout)

and someone found a wind blowing at 200000 times the speed of an earthly hurricane, so whoosh to you too



in two months and a week we may have peas. I have finally planted something. Moar later (day sign card ACE OF PENTACLES literally the planting things card)

for the following link… content warning, plenty of references to shit but this made me howl. The fact that he has an accent MAKES IT FUNNIER



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