not in public

saw a typo so egregious I was moved to type:

fix the typo or face the unreckonable fullness of my colon and my spleen

such horrific vistas are mine to conjure, these words are the sand of my playspace

Now normally when one is trawling the internet, one leaves typos alone. There are variants on alone, such as private messaging, where you can address someone out of the glare.

But when it’s a newspaper, nope, no holds barred.

pOp will likely burst out laughing

These two pictures were taken 20 seconds apart using exactly the same preset camera defaults.


when people look a certain way, or don’t look a certain way, remember that even without makeup, you can do amazing things to how people look


white woman looking fraught
Tis an ogre, captured upon the trail cam

who let that cat in here?

a fluffy orange and white cat rests upon a beige and orange carpet
Cheerful Allegra scorns all notion that I could be feeling dreadful in the middle of a pandemic

cassandra busts a move

I haven’t said much about the revolutionary actions taking place at the moment because nobody asked me to. However: I support the protesters, I abhor the actions of the people firing into crowds of protesters, acab, brace for disproportionate reprisal actions across the US… and two generations of social justice actors picked off by coronavirus in jail when they’ve been rounded up on literally trumped-up charges. Crucial to keep an eye on specific actors and try to prevent them from ‘disappearing’. By the fascism playbook, that’s next.

and Black and Indigenous activists are coldly aware that disappearances are ongoing from colonialism and liberalism.

shlepping trip

I am very happy that I’m home, but it’s also lovely to have FOOOOOOODICLES and treeeeeeaaaticles.

Walmart was a ghastly ordeal but I didn’t have another place to go for the stuff I needed.

My Vancouver Aquarium masks arrived (including one for Alex) but paypal refunded my money. I’ve now sent two emails to the address associated with the purchase but Pauline, whoever the fuck she is or isn’t, was only prepared to give me a website address WITH NO CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL.



Kima pulls a flailie down Denman St

Supposedly a rendering of two neutron stars colliding but I have no idea and ten minutes looking for the provenance of this image proved fruitless NO I LIE IT’S FROM

Check out this incredible Rube Goldberg machine WITH BIRDSONG

simply glorious day

Paul, Jeff and I walked in Robert Burnaby Park; I collected trash (wrappers and butts mostly) and fogged up my shield.

picked up sushi for lunch and then Keith made vodka Caesars for the boys & we had a socially distant meal on the back deck. Keith seemed in quite good spirits and owned as how he’d like to go back to school when all this is over.

later in the day Mike came over and gave me food and I gave him a shield and we hung around and talked on the back deck – he walked over, and it was just so pleasant to hang around and listen to the menfolks quietly talk

Jeff and Buster on the back deck yesterday
Mike and Buster on the back deck yesterday

poem- stop and start

find feeling and follow
the words, a parallel furrow
dug into the body
not to wound but to attest
that this event has meaning
drawn beyond the geophysics
marks my marrow
||interpret these lines||

poems about motherhood
and hardly any about
how it is an alien occupation
shifting tissue into your brain

yes, truly, I am centred in my frame

/mark these deletions
they are where I was brute
and woman
no one wants it/

trust the body
connect this breath to that word
and make that spider thread
a braid of wonder