today for sure I make masks

The 40 second Philippino style mask will work in a pinch but I need ones I can tie.

Katie’s promised a social distancing walk on Sunday, I’m so looking forward to it.

Another agent has rejected me. It’s okay. I’ll be dead before any of these books take off, it’s kinda how things are going to work with me. I already got issued all my luck, I can’t expect more.


above-noted link goes to a frog knocking a bug off a wall. IT IS SO FUNNY

below-noted link goes to a visualization of the cause of death stats in the US


copied from Twitter:
George Hulston


Last night I certified far more deaths than I can ever remember doing in a single shift. The little things hit you: a book with a bookmark in, a watch still ticking, an unread text message from family. Pandemic medicine is hard.
He’s a doc in London UK
Leora Horwitz a doc in NYC says and I quote
I kept underestimating their exertional hypoxia. Learned my lesson when I transferred one pt to lower acuity floor and he had a syncopal event getting from wheelchair to new bed. Walked all patients with pulse ox prior to d/c.


Curioser and curioser