Peggy and her sister have come and gone

They look so much alike, it’s just delightful. More of someone I love!!! Her name’s Sally, I thought it was Sandy, I just gapped it I was so overwhelmed.

Anyway, we exchanged food and a very brief hug. She brought lemming pie, and I gave her salad. In a nice container. I am going to read the poem I wrote for Tom when he was in hospital at his memorial service and I am going to do my best. Now to look up the song “You’d better get it while you can,” by Steve Goodman, because apparently I get to play that for the recessional if I can learn it fast enough and no one else bothers.

10 minutes later… It’s fucking long, y’all. I’m escairt to talk to Paul about it. I mean Katie’s about to have a baby but it’s better to practice at his place because it’s a concrete building but anyway…. I should probably check with Katie before I even broach the subject with Paul. No strategy but more tactics than Satan, that’s me.

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