weird non coincidence

I called Peggy to ask if now was convenient to deliver some food.

Peggy said, “It’s remarkable that you called.” Peggy had a dream that I made her some fruit bread and I had to apologize because what I actually made her as soon as I got home this morning from the shop was shirazi salad (one container for her, one container for me and Jeff and probably Paul because he loves the stuff). I offered to deliver it and she counter-offered to pick it up because she has a lengthy car appointment and will be by later this afternoon. Technically tomatoes are a fruit. Isn’t the message on the wind the strangest thing?

My recipe:

five on the vine tomatoes

one English cuke

half a white onion

all the above chopped fairly small

juice of half a lemon

two sprigs of fresh mint chopped fine

two sprigs of fresh parsley chopped fine

The thing I love about this salad is that it is entirely devoid of salt and pepper, and maybe someday I’ll get some sumac (the spice, not the poisonous shit) and make it more authentically. This salad comes from Iran/Persia, after the introduction of tomatoes as a crop.

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