Some good news at least

What seemed like the slow, miserable and inevitable termination of Mike’s employment as he worked like hell to render himself terminatable (I can’t go into any more details about that but let’s just say he’s got 3.5 additional weeks of vacation to use before the end of the year) has now vanished in the face of two salient facts; the person who was supposed to replace him quit within days of starting (how I howled with laughter when Mike told me that) and the new capi di tutti capi is American, not European. Anyway, the unemployment that was hanging over his head is gone, and now he can just worry about overwork.

Rewatched Dune.

Lunch yesterday was sous vide ginger chicken over arugula. I GOT FED yall.

Managed to completely avoid the scheduled power outage today from BC Hydro by staying at Mike’s go me.

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