the Aerie in a windstorm

the wind was just HOWLING yesterday and we’re apparently going to get 110 kph gusts today… the wind came so hard again Mike’s SW facing windows I thought it was hail

there was a fucking WATERSPOUT recorded offa YVR yesterday and translink says it will be days before all the fallen trees at UBC are removed so there was really localized meteorological mayhem yesterday

welcome to your new age weather

salmon, shiitake mushrooms, gai lan and spaghetti squash with lemon and garlic for supper DAMN IT WUZ GOOD prior to that yummy veggie snacks with hummus and salsa and the best damn corn chips I ever ate. (Fresh is Best brand)

Peggy said the other day that she doesn’t have a dress suitable for her husband’s funeral and she and I may go off to Village de Valeur to acquire one after she consults with her fashion guru. She didn’t know about the big store on Annacis Island.


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