busy day

So after I went to the dentist (bill $60, bill that’s coming ~~three grand) to learn that I have two cracked molars in two separate parts of my mouth and need to see Dr. Lee the Endodontist as soon as may be –

I went to Lifelabs and got my every three months pee and bloodwork, and a followup ECG. I thought about picking up snacks and just couldn’t face another queue, so I walked home and more or less collapsed. There might have been a load of laundry in there too.

I just figured it was better to get it over now than later. The teeth I’ve been expecting, I had a vision that all my teeth would need work all at once and that it just wouldn’t stop, I knew it wouldn’t stop after the last crown.

Much hand wringing here, waiting for Alex’s computer with the porch pirates so active.

BP continues to drop a tiny bit.

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