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So much social interaction, my goodness!

Went to Katie’s to watch babby while she cleaned and changed lightbulbs.

Ryker was extremely baby-like and basically didn’t cry for five hours. He smiled at me like HOLY CRAP what a funny face you have, and he kept time when I sang the Monty Python theme. Do babies that young keep time? Apparently so. It felt unbelievably good to hold him, and I realized I was holding him to tell mOm about it afterwards. He’s MUCH stronger than when he was born. Remarkable what an Exceedingly Mellow Dude™ he is. We talked. Katie made spinach salad with soft goat cheese for lunch, DMAN it was good I had seconds. Suzanne came over and cleaned, and it was just lovely to talk to her (we’ll see her again on Thursday). (Paul went to his volunteer job.)

Keith drove me home and came by and hung out with Jeff, and he also did a bit of shopping for us so I have salad fixings again.

I have this really faint memory that I actually wrote a review of the Sparks show I saw in 1975 but finding it will be something.

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